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No more paper bills! You can access your online statement virtually 24 hours a day at the AT&T Online Customer Service site, and enjoy your choice of convenient payment options:
  • Automatic Bill Payment is the easy way to pay your bill. Your amount due is debited automatically against your personal checking account or charged to a credit card each month.
  • AT&T View-N-Paysm offers extra control over your payments. You simply come to the AT&T Online Customer Service site each month to view your bill and authorize payment by personal checking account or credit card.
You must be an AT&T Residential Long Distance subscriber to enroll in online billing. If you're not, you can switch when you sign up for one of our residential long distance calling plans. Subject to billing availability.

AT&T Online Billing AT&T Online Billing
AT&T Online Billing
AT&T Online Billing
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Telephone Bill lie Account Management, Automatic Payment and Our Lowest Rates

Save time and money when you sign up for AT&T’s Online Billing and automatic payment. Online Billing is easy and convenient — from checking your statements to contacting customer service, you manage your account completely online. And you can leave tedious paper bills behind, because your bill will be paid automatically with the direct payment option of your choice.

Even better, when you sign up for Online Billing and Local Service, you can receive our lowest rates on your AT&T State-to-State Long Distance and Toll-Free calls. Plus, you can combine all your AT&T telecommunication services into one simple calling plan with one bill and one provider. This offer is only available from this Web site, so order online now.

Telephone Bill
Telephone Bill
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