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APPLE Hardware

iPod. Best of breed MP3 player packs thousands of songs plus Contacts on a massive FireWire hard drive. Now for PCs, too.

New iMac. Get affordable and compact high performance, including two sizes of flat screen, PowerPC G4 and SuperDrive.

iMac. The PowerPC G3-based iMac starts from just $799 and is fully Internet-ready.

eMac. The most affordable G4 system ever, now available with SuperDrive. Combo Drive model starts at just $999.

Power Mac G4. Featuring single and dual processor models running up to 1.42GHz and starting at just $1499.

Xserve. Rack-optimized servers with phenomenal processing power, storage capacity, high-bandwidth I/O and remote management tools.

Xserve RAID. Massive storage in a rack-optimized 3U enclosure that delivers up to 2.52TB in a flexible, high performance architecture.

iBook. Offering two display sizes, the iBook is designed to fit your life, and priced so you can afford to have one.

PowerBook G4. Uncompromising performance in three sizes (12-, 15- and 17-inch screens), with SuperDrive and speeds up to 1GHz.

eMac. The affordable new computer for education, with 17-inch flat CRT display, PowerPC G4, all-in-one design and now with SuperDrive.

23" Cinema HD Display. At 1920x1200 resolution, welcome to the high resolution desktop, now only $1999.

20" Cinema Display. Wide aspect (1680x1050 resolution) and great picture quality at an incredible price, just $1299.

17" Studio Display. Get the biggest area with the smallest footprint, now just $699

DVI to ADC Adapter. Connect one of Apple’s all-digital, flat-panel displays with the new PowerBook G4 or a Power Mac G4.

AirPort Extreme. 54Mbps AirPort Extreme, based on IEEE 802.11g wireless draft specification, delivers nearly five times more bandwidth.

Bluetooth. Wireless peripheral connectivity comes to your Mac.

FireWire. FireWire 800 delivers more than double the effective bandwidth of the USB 2.0 peripheral standard.

USB. It connects with printers, digital cameras, game pads, joysticks, keyboards, mice and storage devices.

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